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Ji young JO was born on November, 10th 1982 in South Korea. She attended from 1998-2001, the high school in Daegu Kyungbuk kind, of which she was one of the best scholarship candidate.

She studied until 2005 at the Faculty of Music at the Catholic University of Daegu, Korea. Even here on a scholarship for four years as the best Beweberin. She made a major in vocal and piano minor degrees. As a student at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Trossingen, she completed her Artistic training in singing, at Swaantige Weimer, from 2005-2008.

For her graduate studies, with Professor Michael Lanskoi, she was at the State Academy of Music in Weimar as a student from 2008-2009. Since September 2009 she is a student at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Hannover, with professor Carol Richardson Smith, to attend her concert exam.

On 08/07/2000 Ji young JO took part in the Korean National Music Competition and won first and second place. In September 2003 she was a finalist in the national competition. And since April 1995 to 1998 she taught at private playhouse. From 2001-2005 Ji Young JO was a member of Daegu City Opera Choir in Korea. Ji Young JO also had a number of concert appearances. From July 2001 until April 2005 she sang in Daegu, South Korea at the International Opera Festival Choir mit.Ua Marhta'',''''Die Fledermaus'',''The Magic Flute, Cosi fan tutte'',''and''La Traviata'', during which she had in December 2004 a performance at Daegu Opera House as Violeta La Traviata.Im July 2006, she took water at the Opera Festival Glatt (Württemberg), in part, in Chor''La Traviata''by Verdi, directed by Professor Renate Ackermann.

Besides the performances had Ji Young JO other concert and oratorio work. In July 2000 to September 2003 she held various activities. Special student night Korean Contemporary Music Aria'','' evening recital at the Concert Hall in Seoul and Daegu.'' From 2003-2003 she was''Mozart's''Evenings in Spaichingen. On November 2006 and November 2007, she was a soprano solo in St.John Bad Durrheim and Martein Luther Church in Trossingen with Requeim''by Mozart.

In May 2007 she sang the soprano solo in Trossingen of Gustaf Mahler's ''Resurrection'' Symphony No.2 In April 2010, Ji Young Jo was a scholarship LMN., During which she had in June 2010 a performance at the Burg Warberg an Opera Festival as Konstanze in Abduction from the Serraglio by Mozart. European weeks in July, a Festpiele Passau in a concert cherry study''as ''La Vierge L'ange Gabriel and Marie Salome, La Vierge with Südhöhmische Kammerphilharmonie Budejovice. (Director: Jean Pierre Faber)

Exam in June,2011 concert with Vordwestdeutsche Hannover Philhamonie (Director : Gemit Prießnitz) 2011, Sep. Montserrat Caballé in master classes with the final concert performers have had the opportunity. 2011.Sep Montserrat Caballé competition Finalist.

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